Perth, Australia

Perth is the capital of Western Australia. There is now a direct flight from London to Perth! I definitely needed more time to see all of Western Australia but here is what I did cover and would recommend

  1. King’s Park and Botanic Garden for stunning views and walks that can take you all the way to the famous lone standing blue boat house.
  2. Day trip to the Pinnacles desert and Lancelin for sand boarding, passing by Swan Valley where you can try wine, honey, coffee and chocolates. Here is the tour I used which included a BBQ at the Pinnacles desert for dinner while we were star gazing.
  3. Day trip to Rottnest Island for the adorable Quokka’s who are super friendly and will smile for your camera. Be sure to rent a bike to explore the whole island (approx 22km), a much more comfortable option than the bus that does a loop.
  4. Fly or drive for ages to Esperance which is known for its pink lake, however it is no longer pink! There is still a pink lake on an island off the coast of Esperance which you can fly over via helicopter for $300+. Or you can stay on the mainland and enjoy Cape Le Grand National park which is the only beach in the world to have kangaroos roaming around and Australia’s version of Stone henge. You can also complete the short Great Ocean Drive with magnificent beaches, stand under a windmill and see the ‘pink lake’. Here is the tour company I used in Esperance as I didn’t rent a car.
  5. Visit Fremantle from Perth city centre, for their weekend market, do a prison tour and enjoy sunset by the rainbow sea containers.

Solo Travelling: My reflection


  • People are more willing to help you
  • Easier to ask for help and favours
  • Do what you want, when you want
  • People are more likely to approach and include you
  • More likely to YOLO things and be able to change plans last minute without having to consult anyone or consider anyone else
  • Save money, you naturally feel the need to be like all backpackers and live on a tight budget
  • Learn to be independent, get used to eating along, get stronger from carrying own stuff and being more aware of what to bring in future
  • Figure things out yourself if something goes wrong
  • More likely to squeeze in to get a space e.g. buses, shows
  • Get out of comfort zone, challenge
  • Time to reflect
  • Increase compassion and care as you meet people from everywhere
  • Learn to stand up for yourself
  • Face your weaknesses
  • Teachers you to streamline your life, packing little and living simply
  • You’re never truly alone
  • The world will no longer be as scary as you think
  • Learn to trust your gut instincts
  • Makes you more spontaneous
  • Walk loads
  • Collect memories and photos instead of things


  • I definitely kept on wanting to tell someone about what I was doing, what I encountered, my feelings, my upcoming plans etc. So I guess it’s not purely traveling solo if I’m always texting, insta storying?
  • Unable to stay out too long when it’s dark. Potentially affecting the joy of watching sunset peacefully
  • Always have to be SO alert and awake
  • Major dress down, act poor, pretend I’m just a student
  • Have to take the cheaper transport option as you can’t split cab fares if in a large group. Public transport takes a lot longer and have set times
  • Hostel room = potentially messy, crowded, upper bunk, people snoring
  • Lonely! You also feel scared
  • Not as safe, therefore limited places, countries you can visit
  • Can’t discuss options to rationalise
  • No one to watch your back or help you with simple things e.g. a zip or fluff in your hair
  • Some activities are more fun with more people
  • Overtime if you have to do all the planning, it can get tiring. No one to share out the work load

Tips for first time solo travellers:

  • Towel x2 (activities outside)
  • Ear plugs
  • Torch
  • Learn to read a map
  • Be willing to speak to people
  • Avoid eye contact with dodgy looking people and groups
  • Always be around other people and stay on main roads
  • Find out about student/youth discounts
  • Cough candy
  • Pre-book at least your first hostel, don’t assume you can’t just roll up especially during peak season
  • Consider travelling during low season if you want a more quiet trip and better service
  • Your hostel will have a locker so don’t worry about sleeping with your valuables
  • Bug spray
  • Sunblock and shades
  • Always pick up a map of the area, learn to rely on that rather than Google maps especially to get away from tech
  • Don’t hitch hike alone
  • Pack light, it can get tiring if your bag is heavy
  • Water bottle