Solo Travelling: My reflection


  • People are more willing to help you
  • Easier to ask for help and favours
  • Do what you want, when you want
  • People are more likely to approach and include you
  • More likely to YOLO things and be able to change plans last minute without having to consult anyone or consider anyone else
  • Save money, you naturally feel the need to be like all backpackers and live on a tight budget
  • Learn to be independent, get used to eating along, get stronger from carrying own stuff and being more aware of what to bring in future
  • Figure things out yourself if something goes wrong
  • More likely to squeeze in to get a space e.g. buses, shows
  • Get out of comfort zone, challenge
  • Time to reflect
  • Increase compassion and care as you meet people from everywhere
  • Learn to stand up for yourself
  • Face your weaknesses
  • Teachers you to streamline your life, packing little and living simply
  • You’re never truly alone
  • The world will no longer be as scary as you think
  • Learn to trust your gut instincts
  • Makes you more spontaneous
  • Walk loads
  • Collect memories and photos instead of things


  • I definitely kept on wanting to tell someone about what I was doing, what I encountered, my feelings, my upcoming plans etc. So I guess it’s not purely traveling solo if I’m always texting, insta storying?
  • Unable to stay out too long when it’s dark. Potentially affecting the joy of watching sunset peacefully
  • Always have to be SO alert and awake
  • Major dress down, act poor, pretend I’m just a student
  • Have to take the cheaper transport option as you can’t split cab fares if in a large group. Public transport takes a lot longer and have set times
  • Hostel room = potentially messy, crowded, upper bunk, people snoring
  • Lonely! You also feel scared
  • Not as safe, therefore limited places, countries you can visit
  • Can’t discuss options to rationalise
  • No one to watch your back or help you with simple things e.g. a zip or fluff in your hair
  • Some activities are more fun with more people
  • Overtime if you have to do all the planning, it can get tiring. No one to share out the work load

Tips for first time solo travellers:

  • Towel x2 (activities outside)
  • Ear plugs
  • Torch
  • Learn to read a map
  • Be willing to speak to people
  • Avoid eye contact with dodgy looking people and groups
  • Always be around other people and stay on main roads
  • Find out about student/youth discounts
  • Cough candy
  • Pre-book at least your first hostel, don’t assume you can’t just roll up especially during peak season
  • Consider travelling during low season if you want a more quiet trip and better service
  • Your hostel will have a locker so don’t worry about sleeping with your valuables
  • Bug spray
  • Sunblock and shades
  • Always pick up a map of the area, learn to rely on that rather than Google maps especially to get away from tech
  • Don’t hitch hike alone
  • Pack light, it can get tiring if your bag is heavy
  • Water bottle


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