Siem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap is a resort town in northwestern Cambodia and the main reason tourists visit is to see the ruins of Angkor. There are so many sites and recent historical events to Cambodia which is why hiring a tour guide would be the best way to really understand what you are looking at as well as to get to know the country better. This is the company I used (link) and my tour guide Mr Chet was absolutely incredible. You could ask him anything about world history and he also knew the best spots to take photos which is always helpful considering how packed the place can get.

Note: The temples can and will flood if it rains, so make sure you don’t go during their rainy season. Our guide told us there are major issues with the drainage system sadly.

  1. Visit Angkor Watt and all the other temples such as where Tomb Raider was filmed. Definitely worth catching sunrise and seeing the reflection in the waters at Angkor Watt.13516460_10155240966043849_5538501040491788683_n13521946_10154194303037159_5237467394466484476_n13501577_10155238291248849_361577087993809525_n13521888_10154187896477159_4493892656580829320_n13494934_10155240975358849_8697230333085399707_n13510938_10155238291823849_7385750362683323995_n
  2. See the monks wondering around or meditating. I love how their orange garment stands out.
  3. Dine at Crystal Angkor restaurant while watching a really relaxing traditional dance show. 13517537_10155237092853849_8141448254792395640_o
  4. Stay at Lotus Blanc Resort and try their Damnak fine dining restaurant. Did you know Cambodia is famous for its dining and has a wide range of cuisines? 13509150_10155237095118849_2361018783711579675_n13509044_10155237093558849_7663625544931416472_n
  5. Travel around by ‘tuk tuk‘, visit Angkor National Museum and shop at Angkor’s night market in Siem Reap. Buy comfortable clothes and art work for super cheap! 13450906_10155237094868849_6706515383436222658_n13434921_10154187905282159_7243914447856779269_n

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